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…is the foundation for all that we do.  We believe that character begins on the inside and is what we do when nobody’s looking.  Integrity is visible when our employees, customers, and vendors represent us in the public sphere.  Our commitment is to live, breath and deliver the highest standard possible. Our goal is to become a lifelong trusted partner to our clients by listening to gain a deep understanding of your needs.  We are committed to delivering on our promise to help you achieve your goals.  


on our clients, employees and vendors go beyond the product and services we deliver.  Through deliberate action and relentless pursuit to improvement, we will lead by example.  We remain competitive by fostering a collaborative environment where we can adapt to the quickly changing business environment, where focused intent and determination help build trust and serve our clients and communities. Although life is not linear, any action is the most direct path forward and a key element in fighting those challenges or fears that get in the way.  

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


…is required as the speed of business continues to accelerate and we rely on our creativity to help find solutions and remain focused on the important things. We are a nimble organization and will be responsive to our employees, customers, and vendors in order to deliver the best possible outcome.

What our customers say

“Jim has the experience and expertise, as a coach, to ask the tough questions. It’s the tough questions that either we don’t know to ask or don’t want to ask ourselves. Jim sheds light on the blind spots. His coaching style is calm with an air of authority and is not overbearing in any way. Each coaching session, I have walked away with a clear understanding on goals needing to be accomplished for our next session. Jim’s insight has helped push me forward in my professional career.” R. Wiley

Investor Advisor Representative, SmartPlan Financial

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Social Media Noise and the Next New Thing…

Over the past month, I have been invited to join some of the newer social media platforms that are touted to be better than, faster than, create more Google juice than FaceBook, LinkedIn, and YouTube and I just want the noise to stop and let me focus on the business...

Networking Is Like Dating…You Will Be Stood up!

Networking is like dating.  You meet someone who you think is  the right person ( enter visibility zone), get to know each other (proceed into the credibility zone) and if this person is someone you feel will be a mutually beneficial connection, you really want to be...

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