02 – 01 MTU FAQ’s

Mental Toughness University FAQ’s

1. What will my team walk away with after the 6­-hour program?

Sales teams learn mental toughness techniques and critical thinking strategies they can use immediately in the field during face time with customers.

2. What will these techniques and strategies help them do?

The mental toughness techniques and critical thinking strategies help sales people become bolder, more focused and proficient in controlling their emotions under pressure while boosting their immunity to rejection and the psychological distractions of organizational change.

3. What are long term benefits of the 12­ month Mental Toughness Process?

Results data collected from over 200 corporate clients and 35,000 graduates across 10 countries since 1997 show the biggest benefits is increased sales performance; an enhanced ability to function during organizational change and increased retention rates combined with elevated engagement scores and overall job satisfaction.

4. What happens after the 12 ­month process is completed?

Future leadership of the program is assumed by the sales managers and continues in perpetuity. The mental toughness process is a one-­time investment with a customized curriculum designed for short and long term impact. Managers are groomed from the launch of the program to assume leadership within 12­ months.

5. What are the unique challenges of mental toughness training?

Management must be committed to the programs long term success and recognize that this process will cast a spotlight on their people; both the strongest and weakest, and the weakest will not be happy about it. Due to the direct delivery and comprehensive nature of the 12-month process, low and marginal performers have nowhere to hide and are often relocated within or separated from the company. Managers dedicated to results see this as a benefit, while managers who are more concerned with popularity hate it. Senior management needs to address this before entering into the mental toughness process.