Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders with Dr. Steven Stein

May 16 – 17, 2018, Atlanta, GA – The Tallent Management Alliance’s High Potential and Leadership Development Summit.  Today’s fast-paced business environments will only accelerate the demand for leaders who are prepared for the challenges of the future.   This summit afforded HR professionals and industry-leading companies to share and learn about developing the leadership pipelines required for companies to not only survive, but thrive.

I had a moment to talk with Dr. Steven Stein, the Founder and CEO of Multi-Health Systems to discuss the leadership needs of tomorrow.

Do What you Get Paid for…Shoeboxed can help

Do What you Get Paid for…Shoeboxed can help

If you are a small business owner, responsible for some form of business development or a busy executive, then today’s productivity tool announcement will help you stay on task and do what you actually get paid for…and that is to sell more.

Shoeboxed, the best cloud based receipt organizer, announced that you can now automatically sync any of your receipts in your Gmail account (Google Apps too). - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

At the end of the week, just go directly to Shoeboxed and categorize your receipts and eliminate the search and send method previously required.

If you are not using Shoeboxed, now would be a good time to start.


Bombarded by Linkedin Profile Changes

Bombarded by Linkedin Profile Changes

Don’t  be one of those Linkedin members whose constant profile corrections, tweaking and/or title changes are confusing your followers and leaving them wondering.  After a while they just ignore you. It is about time to take control of your Linkedin profile and become the Personal Brand that you have always wanted to present to the world.  Take control is the key phrase here and I Business Talkspromise that small incremental steps, taken consistently will reap big rewards when it comes to Linkedin.

LinkedIn Power Move #1 – Don’t bombard your contacts with minor adjustment or corrections to your LinkedIn profile.  The fix is easy:

From the Home page screen, hover over the “Profile” menu in the top toolbar and click on “Edit Profile”

Hover over your “small profile photo” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and a drop down menu will appear.

 Choose “Privacy Setting (review)”.  For security purposes, they will require that you sign into your account.  In the middle of the screen you will see “Privacy Controls” and choose “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts”  

Linkedin-update screenshot

Just uncheck the box that says “Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies”

Your updates and posting should be impactful and not confusing. Now Go forth and make your Linkedin Power Move.


Social Media Noise and the Next New Thing…

Social Media Noise and the Next New Thing…

Over the past month, I have been invited to join some of the newer social media platforms that are touted to be better than, faster than, create more Google juice than FaceBook, LinkedIn, and YouTube and I just want the noise to stop and let me focus on the business at hand.

So, as the social media noise level increases in our ever-accelerating world, when do you just stop and shout out loud, “stop, enough is enough”?Scared Man1

Dear Friends, Don’t take it personally if I don’t join your new group.  And, please know that I think that using social media as a strategy to support and extend your sales efforts and brand awareness is essential in the new world of media.  But if you don’t have a strategy in the first place, or if you have one and have not consistently followed the plan, the next new social media thing will not save your business or earn you one more customer.

Back to the Fundamentals

My high school football coach, Ray Gibson, use to tell us after a loss, and believe me that we lost a lot, “Let’s get back to the fundamentals of the game, practice the way you want to play and execute each and every play the right way.  That advice still rings true today so let’s get back to the fundamentals of marketing with social media and build a solid strategy that wins customers hearts and minds and clicks.

 Get Expert Advice

Don’t let all the noise from the next new thing in social media get in the way of creating an executable Socially Facilitated Sales and Marketing plan.  This new type of marketing plan is more than just marketing and more than just sales and takes more than a good web development geek.  It takes an expert in developing the big picture strategy and you as the leader to dedicate the resources (which includes your time) to execute the plan without fail.  Go find an expert and don’t settle for the newly unemployed person who is now a social media or WordPress expert.

Look Away From the Light

Light2So, next time your best friend sends you an invitation to join the next new social media platform, look away from screen and get back to your solid socially facilitated marketing and sales plan…and have fun connecting the dots between social media and sales.

If you want to know more about Socially Facilitated Sales and Marketing, let’s talk.  What are your thoughts on social media noise?