Networking Is Like Dating…You Will Be Stood up!

Networking Is Like Dating…You Will Be Stood up!

Networking is like dating.  You meet someone who you think is  the right person ( enter visibility zone), get to know each other (proceed into the credibility zone) and if this person is someone you feel will be a mutually beneficial connection, you really want to be able to earn their trust (enter into the profitability zone) and you want this relationship to work.  Kind of like dating, huh?

More about the VCP (visibility, credibility, profitability) process in future posts.

Life gets in the way…and you will be stood up for a meeting!

So, you are at Starbucks,  Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread Company, or your favorite and productive spots to talk a little business and build profitable relationships. You wait, and wait, and wait.  You don’t want to seem to excited, so you wait a little longer, no message or no phone call  Ugh! So, you have been stood up for an appointment…I am sure that is is not the first time and for sure will not be the last time.

You finally admit to yourself that you have been stood up and just like dating, it hurts.  It hurts bad.  You get a little angry,.  How dare they. My time is valuable.  I’m an important person.   First and foremost, get over it and don’t let it ruin your whole day.  Don’t take it personal, always take the high road and don’t lay blame.  Again, get over it.  Now repeat that 3 times.

What is you next step?

  • Leave a pleasant voice mail in an understanding tone
  • Send an email with the same or similar message including available reschedule time for the following  week
  • Use the time wisely for returning phone calls, emails or preparing for your next appointment

How to avoid being stood up?

  • Confirm your meeting via email and/or phone the night before.  Be sure to let them know how important this meeting is to you.
  • Block you morning, afternoon or whole day at the location and minimize you travel time and schedule back-to-back meetings
  • Be generous with your time but don’t take meeting from just anyone.  Your plan should be to increase the value of your network for you and your referral partners.

Hey,  You will be stood but but that’s OK.  Get over it and get on with business.

Networking With Nerds & Geeks

Networking With Nerds & Geeks

When you hear the words nerds or geeks what picture comes to mind?  Well, this take me back to high school, college and into the 80′s  so many, many years ago and I picture the guys from the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” and the main characters, GIlbert and Lewis.  You remember them, don’t you?

Today’s nerds and geeks are nothing like the these guys which brings me to February 3rd and 4th in Atlanta, GA, at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) for the

2012 WordCamp Atlanta. A gathering of modern day nerds and geeks who  are really smart, focused and can do things with computers and web pages that I only wish I could, and they are truly passionate about the best and easiest to use web/blogging product on the planet.

They are young, old, come in all shapes and sizes, articulate and sometimes not so.  Since it is cool to be a nerd or geek, I was  really happy to be among them for this two day, information filled, action packed event.  I am here to expand my knowledge, expand my information network and hopefully help a few people understand a little more about referral marketing.  I did feel a little self conscious sitting among these cool people since I am only beginning my adventure into WordPress.

Expand your Information Network

Since every business professional needs a constat supply of up-to-date information and can never know “everything”, the information network are the people you can turn to to help you deal with certain issues, waste less time and get back to your paying gig.  These are people like you, people who may be in your profession, people who were in your profession, authors, speakers, regulators and trainers, consultants and members of professional organizations and people who have resources or expertise you may not have. Who are the people in your information network?

WordCamp Atlanta 2012

Matt Mullenweg & Jim Hogan WordCampATL

WordCamp Atlanta 2012 was a great place for me to learn a lot about WordPress, blogging and meet some great people.  The leaders, Russell Fair and Judy Knight poured their harts into creating an event that brought great speakers, interesting topics all rolled into two great days at SCAD. There was something for everyone from  beginning WordPress users to developers and consultants too.  Why use WordPress as your Website tool?   Matt Mullenweg, the person behind WordPress let’s his customers do the talking.  He says that WordPress websites comprise 16% of the top million sites including LIfe Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.  Enough said.

Even Nerds and Geeks Need to Network…

Unless you have an unlimited pay-per-click or advertising budget, and you have more business than you can handle, then learning how to build a strategic referral marketing plan that will deliver a consistent flow of high quality and high trust referrals is a must.   Network away, but do it the right way, The Referral Institute way.

You’ve Got to Start Somewhere…

You’ve Got to Start Somewhere…

A baby’s has to take a first step, you have to start somewhere when learning to ride a bicycle, you have to say goodbye to the safety of home when you start your first day of school or first job, and of course hitting the publish button to submit your first Blog Post. You’ve got to start somewhere and it might as well be today.

So, I figured that I have to start somewhere and that would be to just…well…start.

Over the next few months, you will not only get to know me well, but you will very likely get to like and maybe even trust me too. I will share with you my passion for using referral marketing to create a predictable stream of profitable clients and have fun while doing it. I will help you learn how to use networking, social and face-to-face, to grow your business. Well, I don’t want to set the bar too high but I do guarantee that when you read my posts, you will say “that’s simple”. The tactics and principles are simple, but not always easy.

Let’s enjoy the Journey and learn to get “Fit For Referrals” together.