A baby’s has to take a first step, you have to start somewhere when learning to ride a bicycle, you have to say goodbye to the safety of home when you start your first day of school or first job, and of course hitting the publish button to submit your first Blog Post. You’ve got to start somewhere and it might as well be today.

So, I figured that I have to start somewhere and that would be to just…well…start.

Over the next few months, you will not only get to know me well, but you will very likely get to like and maybe even trust me too. I will share with you my passion for using referral marketing to create a predictable stream of profitable clients and have fun while doing it. I will help you learn how to use networking, social and face-to-face, to grow your business. Well, I don’t want to set the bar too high but I do guarantee that when you read my posts, you will say “that’s simple”. The tactics and principles are simple, but not always easy.

Let’s enjoy the Journey and learn to get “Fit For Referrals” together.